Saturday, May 29, 2004

To the "Andy Kaufman Returns" website: it doesn't matter if it is real or not that this man is alive. What is really interesting is the power this idea has over people who are even just mildy interested in the fact that he might be alive. The "Andy Kaufman Returns" website is very good proof that Kaufman was a genius in behavioral science. The only thing he has done in twenty years, supposedly, is play dead, and it doesn't matter if he is or isn't dead -- the passionate interest coming from the public is still there.
My question is, despite all of this "I'm dead...OH, now I'm not dead" nonsense, is he still funny? Does he have any new ideas?
Lastly, being likely that this is just some dude or "dude-ette" with a computer and nothing else to do, then congratulations, you've succeeded in pulling at our heart-strings...you knew you would get that, so what now? Just go feel awesome somewhere? Yay! Me and my website! We did it! Yay!
Maybe you'll say to yourself "wow, I'm so cool that I thought of that idea to launch a website that faked Andy Kaufman's return to society"...a thought that possibly crossed the minds of many people with computers and free time and fanaticism of Andy Kaufman, but was rightly rejected from their course of action. If this is the case, you're no more than a pawn with time to waste under the genius of Andy Kaufman's legacy, which is everywhere. Also, you have no soul...however, Andy Kaufman did, and it now lives in the thought, amongst many, that he might still be alive.
Message to the designer of this website: I'm not really a blogger, so I feel weird saying this....
get a life. I've never said that to anyone before. You should just stop it...it'll get boring by July. "Oh my god! It's great the response I'm getting to this website! People are so angry!" you say to your friend. Whatever...I've seen your character in a commercial many times...it's an asshole with an awesome computer. You've got to stop. My message to Andy Kaufman: whoever this asshole is that's posting this website, you need to sue him!


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